Ashcan Copies
Ashcan Copies

Project Name: Ashcan Copies
Genre: Dark Drama
Run Time: 81:13 (estimated)
Written By: Matt Sylvester
Directed By: Matt & Andy Sylvester
Capture Format: Sony EX-3
YouTube: Ashcan Copies


ASHCAN COPIES is an 80 minute gritty tale concerning the daily struggles of three psychologically disturbed, lower class people in a small town. When JASON kills GRACE as a symptom of coveting the town's top tramp TRACI his world of calculated killings and secretive necrophilia begins to unravel. After Traci entangles her adoring lover PETEY in a plot to kill her husband JEFF, she's left with only one ally to stave off Jason's psychotic lust, an anonymous CATATONIC that hasn't moved in ten years.


GRACE, a pretty, 30 year old hippie turns on a lamp, revealing CATATONIC, a man in his late thirties that sits frozen on the couch. A day passes in chunks and Catatonic remains unmoving. Through a windshield we see TRACI rewarding a man in a driveway. She steps out of his car and stumbles to her house, her barely-fitting outfit clinging to her young body. She sees PETEY, a milquetoast man in his early thirties lurking in the dark. She smiles, slips on her wedding ring, and walks inside. JASON, a burly man in his early thirties, eats cereal. He walks to the cupboard, opens it and reveals the corpse of JANICE, a beautiful young girl with purple strangle marks around her neck. Jason kisses her dead face and returns to his seat and a previously unseen companion, the strangled body of a woman dressed in a gown.

JEFF, Traci's defeated husband, dresses as she pretends to sleep. He wakes her, asks where she was the previous night, and doesn't believe her response. After he leaves, Traci races to the window and sees Petey waiting outside with a bundle of cheap flowers. The flowers are for their anniversary. Traci mocks Petey and then seduces him. As Petey puts on clothes Traci reminds him of a promise he made to kill Jeff. Petey refuses to talk about it and storms out.

Traci arrives at Grace's house to find Jason working in the front yard. He ogles her as Grace opens the door. Traci hands her a flyer for her missing dog Trixie, and asks for some smoke. Grace reluctantly lets her in, and Traci sits on the couch near Catatonic. As the ladies smoke a joint, Grace tells the story of how she found Catatonic sitting on a bench in an office park. Jason comes in the back door and surprises them by speaking. While Grace leads Jason upstairs to pay him Traci flirts with him. He pretends to use the bathroom, and sneaks downstairs to spy on Traci, who straddles Catatonic and grinds on him. Traci sees Jason spying on her and leaves, not before teasing him with her shorts. Grace pays Jason, and prepares a fresh catheter for Catatonic. Jason hits Grace in the head with a hammer, killing her.

Later, Jason returns to Grace's house to find her missing earring and to clean up the murder scene. He searches for the earring to no avail. A knock on the front door drives him away. Traci enters, and raids Grace's stash. She smokes a joint while talking on the phone about having a gang-bang in the woods. Jason sneaks in behind her. She drops her lighter and finds Grace's earring near Catatonic's foot. Jason surprises her by speaking. She lures him to the couch and straddles him while rubbing Catatonic's chest.

Over dinner, Jeff confronts Traci with condoms he found in their bathroom trashcan. After being accused of cheating, she throws her food all over the table, packs an overnight bag, and hastily leaves. The next morning, Traci wakes on Grace's couch. She digs through Grace's stash box, then Grace's bedroom for pot. She compares the earring she found to other jewelry in the room, but doesn't find a match. Her eyes run across car keys. Out in the parking lot, Traci presses the unlock button on the keys. Grace's car is parked nearby.

It's almost noon, and Jeff and Petey sit parked in Petey's car. Jeff tells Petey about his argument with Traci and that he can't take it anymore. Traci's car passes by them. Jeff screams at Petey to follow. They follow her by car, and then on foot while Traci leads three strange men into the forest. Petey and Jeff, who holds a gun, watch Traci having sex with the three men. Jeff collapses and Petey picks him up, leading back to the truck. After dropping Jeff off at home and taking the gun from him, Petey meets Traci in a parking lot and breaks up with her. Traci crumbles emotionally in her car. She decides getting stoned will help her decide what to do.

Traci pulls into Jason's driveway, and watches him drive off. She sneaks inside, looking through his room. She opens his closet and finds rows of dresses, and a dead girl stuffed in the closet. The front door shuts. Jason talks to an unseen person. Traci hides in the closet and watches through a crack in the door as Jason brings dead Grace into the bedroom and engages in intercourse with her corpse. Afterward, the doorbell makes Jason dress and leave the room. Traci sneaks out of the room, but ends up on the bathtub to avoid being seen. Jason knows she is there and pretends to leave the bathroom. After being caught, he rapes Traci over the sink. Traci hurriedly dresses and pretends to like Jason just to get out of the house. Jason watches her drive away, returns to his bedroom and discovers the closet is open. He knows Traci was in the closet.

Traci drives home to find Jeff dead on their bed. Petey comes over and screams at Traci, driving her off. She ends up at Grace's, scrapes together some pot, fashions a tinfoil pipe, and confesses her sins and state of personal disaster to Catatonic. She decides to go to the police and opens the door. Jason is waiting outside. He comes in, locks the door, and strangles Traci after she tries to flee. Catatonic gets up from the couch and stabs Jason in the skull with the screwdriver during the struggle. Traci runs out of the house and is surprised by Petey, who is waiting just outside the door. Petey stabs her in the gut as he pours out his love for her. As her life bleeds away, Petey puts the gun in his mouth. Traci's dog Trixie runs out from the bush after a gunshot. We see Catatonic's spot on Grace's couch is empty.