Project Name: Haunted!
Genre: Narrative Short
Run Time: 20:00
Written By: Matt & Andy Sylvester
Directed By: Matt Sylvester
Capture Format: Sony HDR-FX1HDV

HAUNTED! is a 20 minute comedy short that spoofs the Haunted House genre of television shows. While filming this week's episode at a former halfway house for sexual deviants and homicidal maniacs, Sam (hostess) and Eric (psychic) clamor for camera time and the most impressive paranormal evidence.


Sam, the hostess, introduces this week's episode, which is being filmed on location at a former halfway house for sexual deviants and homicidal maniacs. Sam guides Eric, the team's psychic, into the house, where Eric molests the ghost of an eighteen (or nineteen) year-old girl, and discovers disgusting smells by the bathroom. In the sitting room, Sam hears a cry for help while Eric becomes possessed, and smashes a nearby lamp. Sam senses spiritual activity as they enter the kitchen. When she catches Eric stuffing doughnuts in this mouth, he suddenly becomes possessed again.

That evening, and with the lights turned off, Sam and paratechnologist Graham Hutchinson investigate the basement, while Eric goes upstairs. A mentally disadvantaged, hunchback ghost attacks Eric, who defends himself with a flurry of disjointed karate chops. Back in the basement, Sam smashes Graham's contraption over his head.

Eric ejects the crew from a bedroom, but they re-enter after hearing sounds of a struggle. They find Eric wearing granny panties on his head and a Rolex watch missing from the dresser.

During the conclusion scene, Sam and Eric compete for Owner's attention by belittling each other's experiences. Sam runs two videos: a two second clip of an "orb", and an extended look at Eric romping around with panties on his head. During a struggle for the video remote control, Sam kicks Eric in the groin.

Sam wraps the show as Eric walks behind her with an icepack on his nuts.