The Purple Suitecase
The Purple Suitecase

Project Name: The Purple Suitecase
Genre: Dark Drama
Run Time: 5:48
Written By: Matt & Andy Sylvester
Directed By: Matt & Andy Sylvester
Capture Format: Sony EX-3
YouTube: The Purple Suitecase


After two inexperienced hit-men kill a man, dismember his body and bury it in a purple suitcase they have to return to the scene of the crime to retrieve evidence. When they hear a noise upstairs, they realize the job isn't done.


THE PURPLE SUITCASE is a five minute action/thriller about two contract killers that bludgeon a man into unrecognizable mush before verifying his identity. After butchering the body, stuffing it into a purple suitcase, narrowly avoiding a police-pull over, and driving to a pre-dug grave, one of the killers realizes he left his phone back at the kill site. They bury the suitcase and return for the phone only to discover their intended victim upstairs, alive and well, sitting on the toilet. Fade to black as the two killers attack.